RADIKL RS25b Riflescope


The RS25b represents a seamless integration of technology and vision, redefining the essentials of what a long-range scope should be. Advanced onboard ballistics are housed in a robust and functional package, that as a stand alone optic would turn heads with its class leading technical performance.

Physical Specifications

Weight  | 38.7 oz

Length  13.2 in

Tube Size | 34mm

Mounting Length  6.1 in

Eyepiece Length | 3.7 in

What's in the Box?
  • Riflescope 

  • Quick Start Guide 

  • Objective Accessory Adapter

  • Sunshade

  • 40mm Ocular Lens Cover

  • 50mm Objective Lens Cover

  • CR2 Battery

  • Cleaning Cloth

Available Accessories

  • Scope Coat

  • Custom Ballistic Data Ring

Revic Ops Ballistic Engine

The Revic Radikl uses our proprietary, doppler-radar verified modified point mass ballistic solver for solving the equations of motion precisely. Calculations include spin drift, aero jump, and earth based effects. 

We have carefully engineered our ballistic system to yield precise results from micro-processors while building a well earned reputation for the fastest results on the market with sub-50 millisecond return times.

8 Real Time Sensors

Onboard sensors continuously sample the environmental and shot data that the Revic ballistic engine relies on to provide the most accurate solutions possible. 


  1. MEMS Silicone Chamber Pressure Sensor 1. Error approximately equivalent to 1 foot of elevation.

  2. MEMS Silicone Chamber Pressure Sensor 2. Error approximately equivalent to 1 foot of elevation. 

  3. Silicone Diode based Thermistor type Temperature Sensor 1. 0.2 Celsius error sampled system temperature. 

  4. Silicon Diode based Thermistor type Temperature Sensor 2. 0.2 Celsius error for sampled system temperature. 

  5. MEMS 3-axis Inclined and Cant Sensor 1

  6. MEMS 3-axis Inclined and Cant Sensor 2. +75 to -75 degree usable range. 0.3 degree error in the range of +/- 20 degrees. 

  7. 3-axis Accelerometer with 3-axis magnetometer combined to measure compass heading. Expected error of less than +/- 10 degrees azimuth.

  8. Turret Position Encoder uses two hall sensors with resolution of 4096 positions in a single turn combined with our proprietary and patented systems to guarantee a position accuracy of less than 1/2 MOA. 

  • Engineered in the USA

  • Assembled in Japan

  • Tested and Packaged in the USA 

      A total reduction in size over its predecessor, the RS25b is a compact 13.2 inches long to perfectly fit today's cutting edge long range hunting rifle systems. 


      Resolution is often overlooked when choosing a precision optic. First and foremost, a riflescopes purpose is to deliver the shot to the target.  Resolving the target and a precise aimpoint are paramount.  Resolution is driven by lens material and optimized design.  Special Extra low dispersion (ED) glass is a must.  Superior resolution is critical to help spot impacts, identify targets, observe trace, and focus on the proper hold.

      See more with Revic.

        A BETTER

        Revic hedges the shooters advantage in every way and our technology doesn't stop at ballistics. The RS25b leads with an impressive 96% (@550nm) light-transmission so you can execute the perfect shot in less than perfect conditions. Lens coatings are crucial in transmitting the maximum amount of light, and protecting exterior lenses from scratching and fog/frost obscuration.


        The RS25b boasts an impressive 140 MOA of elevation travel.  Compared to other European style, non-raising turrets, our 3-turn REV indicator allows for 90 MOA of usable elevation.  This puts you on target at 2000 yards with a 7 PRC! 

        Our ballistics are superior because we build them.  In house circuit design combined with proprietary ballistic code means faster more accurate ballistic solutions every time. Unlike competitors, we have full control over our electrical design and algorithms. 

        TO COMPARE

        The Revic Radikl represents our second generation smart scope.  The ballistic functions are game changing, but as you dive into the the opto-mechanical performance specs, prepare to be impressed with our leading optical system performance.  Before you add the battery, we still have the competition beat.