RADIKL RS25b Riflescope


    Building off of the legacy of the Revic PMR 428, the RS25b combines premium optics and next generation Revic ballistic technology into a deadly hunting weight package. Smaller and smarter than the competition, the RS25b brings serious long range hunting capability into a seriously compact smart scope. 


    2ND  GENERATION.  The Radikl features the second generation of the Revic Digital Werkstream for simplifying the complexity of shooting at extreme distances.  How simple?  Its as easy as dialing the elevation turret to display the known target distance!  We have built the most complex electro-optics hunting product in the world with four core systems that work together to provide rapid solutions perfectly adapted to the way we hunt!

              Onboard Environmentals

              The RS25b hosts a complete sensor set to support its internal Revic ballistics engine. Real-time, accurate temperature and station pressure sensors build a foundation for advanced calculations based on the internal magnometer, gyroscope, and absolute positional rotary encoder.  

              SHOOTER  CONTROL 

               The Revic Digital Werkstream allows for full control and customization over the ballistic output.  Within the scope, control earth-based effects, vector wind inputs, and make adjustments without losing focus or breaking shooting position. Every part and design element is focused on pure hunting efficiency.

              Through Bluetooth connectivity to the Revic Ops app, shooters can edit profiles and program base wind functions. 


              NO POWER. NO PROBLEM.


              No power? No problem. The RS25b wisely integrates our BDR system. You'll always have a low-cost backup ballistic solution in the worst-case scenario. Order specific BDRs for your environmental and ballistic parameters and enjoy rapid, tool-free installation with no risk of losing your zero. 

              FOR  HUNTERS Dedicated, long range riflescopes often only meet the demands of precision shooters and leave hunters to choose from options that are less than optimal. Not with the RS25b. As hunters, we know what matters most and how to deliver the most extreme performance without comprising on field readiness. The RS25b meets every need of a discerning long range shooter, while streamlining the form factor, weight and functionality of the optic. Don't settle.

              MINIMUM SIZE
              MAX CAPABILITY

              Our first generation smart scope was a huge success, but hunters wanted a more streamlined optic. The RS25b is a significant reduction in size and weight from its predecessor, coming in at compact 13.2" and 38.7 oz. The turrets are fast and repeatable, and class leading adjustment range lets you reach any target.

              RH2 RETICLE

              The RH2 reticle system is designed to deliver exactly what a hunter needs to complete the mission. First Focal Plane reticles have a bad rap from decades of design duds.  Revic knows hunting, so the RH2 features an uncluttered design with the bare essentials:  Wind holds, elevation brackets, ranging scale and an illuminated center cross with 10 illumination intensity settings. Perfect for long range targets and deadly up close, this is a reticle built for success in the field. 

              WATCH: RH2 OVERVIEW

              MIL-version coming soon

              THREE TURN

              Taking advantage of the class-leading 140 MOA of elevation adjustment, the turret allows for 30 MOA of travel per turn and is marked for 3 revolutions. A mechanical zero-stop brings you right back to zero after the shot. 

              REV INDICATOR
              YOUR TRAVEL

              The RS25b's THREE TURN TURRET  boasts a massive 140 minutes of elevation travel. Our exclusive  revolution indicator  allows you to quickly and confidently track your travel on the elevation turret.

              AMBI THROW LEVER™