1 January, 2018 by
Gunwerks LLC

The greatest challenge an exceptional product has to overcome is the difficulty of telling its story to the potential consumer.  Traditionally, the sport optics industry relied on the knowledge and technical prowess of the expert behind the retail counter to educate the customer and recommend the right product.

In today’s digital world, you (and all the rest of us) use the internet to read about products.  Reviews, articles, and forums all provide information mixed with opinion, and some great blogs can even teach you about real measures of quality.  Finally, once you are thoroughly convinced which product to buy, the internet will help you find the lowest price in which the product can be purchased.  We know our brands, and we know that better quality costs more.  We are comfortable making purchasing decisions online because we know we can return the product if it doesn’t meet our expectations.

So what value is the retailer providing you, the customer?  In truth, there is more and better information available online than at your local store.  The Retail Distribution Model provides inventory storage and immediate access to your purchase, but this increases the cost of the product to the customer while it can drive down the quality and limit the features to hit a price point.  Retailers know what price points sell volume.  They’ve optimized their business to move product.  They drive Optics Brands to meet price targets and then quality and features are specified.

Most U.S. Sport Optics Brands source some or all of their optics products from Asia (Japan, China, and the Philippines). Why does our collective industry attach a stigma to Asian-sourced optics and not products from other continents?  It’s because in meeting retail price targets, Optics Brands demand lower and lower prices of Asia OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)!  They do an amazing job, but the trade off for driving cost down is lower quality and/or limiting features.  

This is why Revic’s Consumer Direct distribution model is so important to us.  We develop products with quality and performance in mind.  Instead of asking, “Can we make it cheaper?” we ask, “can we make it better?”!  Developing products without pricing targets allows us to focus on the product and to find innovative new ways to solve old problems.  Our company is revolutionary because we have developed a business model that makes high-quality, feature-rich products affordable.