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Gunwerks LLC


The Revic team has extensive experience in sourcing, repairing, designing, and even manufacturing sport optics.  In 2006,  Revic CEO Aaron Davidson started the optics brand Huskemaw to showcase his ideas to bring simple but effective long range shooting solutions to the masses. He was fortunate to connect with an excellent OEM supplier in Japan.  The product was an off the shelf design with a few modifications to the turret to allow installation of a custom laser marked turret.  It was a good start, but it needed a little more engineering and an in-house quality management process to be great.  After moving on from that first attempt, he partnered with the best USA based laser technology company available and developed the Gseven BR2 ballistic rangefinder.  This time the engineering was excellent and with the Denver, Colorado-based manufacturing, the quality management shifted to our OEM manufacturer.  The trade off for USA manufacturing was high costs.

Our VP of Operations is a third generation optics specialist who has spent his entire career developing, sourcing and manufacturing sighting systems and components for military and civilian applications. Most recently, he worked with a German riflescope partner to win the USMC’s Scout Sniper Day Scope contract that transformed his family’s company, Premier Reticles, from a component and services company to a full-blown manufacturer. This metamorphosis led to the birth of the Premier Heritage Tactical series that was designed from scratch, then built and qualified in Winchester, VA from parts sourced worldwide.  The performance and features were exceptional, but the cost was high and margins were tight.

Revic Business Model

These two experiences represent the extremes of the spectrum of sourcing and selling sport optics.  It’s important to understand the advantages of both methodologies–and the disadvantages.  Revic has designed a business model with an optimal balance that leverages the strengths of both experiences while avoiding the weaknesses that drive the cost up and quality down.

The first step in delivering an exceptional product to a customer is fully understanding what quality is and how to measure and document it.  Then you need to be able to engineer designs that are compatible with quality and performance requirements and the available manufacturing processes.  Quality manufacturing is next.  It has to be good, but it has to be cost effective.  Testing completed products against the performance standards is the final step to ensure a quality product is delivered to the customer.

Revic combines American ingenuity and use-case experience with the precision of German engineering and the manufacturing expertise of the Japanese to produce the best electro-optomechanical systems in the world.

We start with an idea based on a core piece of technology, or a need that our experience or our customers have identified.  Connected directly to the consumer, we’ve listened to feedback and developed a vision to exceed expectations.  The feasibility determination is different than usual.  With consumer direct pricing, we can spec out some very impressive features without running into any price barriers.

Optical Systems

For optical systems, the best value for a customer is in economies of scale.  There is an entirely taboo subject that needs to be shared to fully understand the Revic model.  Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) create proprietary optical systems using as much commonality of components as possible.  Then they sell configurations of these systems to multiple Branding Companies to increase the scale of manufacturing and drive the costs down.  For most projects, Revic will try to select one of these optical systems.  We’ll evaluate suitability based on cost and measured performance.  Small adjustments can be made without significantly affecting the cost.  Some of our products are so unique, new optical systems need to be designed from scratch.


For mechanical systems, a similar process is employed.  In rifle scopes, designs and methods and sometimes components are interchanged.  New products can be developed using these commonalities to find additional savings.

Unique features, generally the ones that you touch to make an adjustment or you look at, are easiest to customize.  We put our ideas into a manufacturable design by contracting with Schaefer Optomechanics–a German Design firm founded by Andreas Schaefer.  Andi started his career at Schmidt and Bender before the PM II days.  He was also one of the founders of Optronika who played a key part in the development of the Premier and other cutting edge European products. His fingerprints can be found on many of the more innovative features found on riflescopes in today’s market.


Revic is revolutionary optics–not the same as everything else.  A key differentiator of our products is the electrical systems that make them more than regular optics.  Our engineering team in Austin, Texas, develops and sources our electrical components and software.  Our team has extensive experience with ballistics and has developed new algorithms in-house using cutting-edge methodologies that allow extremely fast low-power ballistic calculations.

OEM Supply

We’ve partnered with the premier OEM manufacturer in the world, utilizing their manufacturing prowess and efficiency to drive the manufacturing unit costs down.  We send our designs and electrical components and other parts to our OEM manufacturer for assembly and manufacturing.  They provide our first line of quality testing and verification.

Quality Management

Final testing and qualification are performed in our Cody, Wyoming, facility before packaging and shipping directly to the customer.

Each part of the process contributes to the creation and manufacture of truly revolutionary optics.  We’ve carefully considered how to create exceptional and unique products while leveraging scale economies of our OEM manufacturing partners.