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Course Overview

Gunwerks is all about the perfect shot. We train to hunt, and success is the only outcome worthy of pursuit. Everything comes down to preparation. Our advanced equipment simplifies most of the difficult aspects of long-range shooting and requires a modern approach to training and curriculum. With Gunwerks equipment and training, our students achieve more capability in less time than any other training in the world.

If you have time, sign up for all three courses. If your schedule only allows one class at a time, take the class that works for you. We recommend progressive completion, but it is not required.



In our Foundations course, we focus on building your skills and knowledge base. Learning about the long-range shooting system, you’ll receive an in-depth presentation on the components and setup needed to successfully engage targets at long-range with accuracy and precision. You’ll come away with a complete understanding of marksmanship fundamentals.


In the spirit of progression, our Development course builds on the Foundation you learned. Here we’re adding the more technical aspect of long-range shooting. You’ll learn the science behind ballistics, how to validate a long-range trajectory and understand how wind affects your bullet under a wide variety of circumstances.


Bringing things full-circle, we have the Application course. At this level, you’re bringing everything you’ve learned together and your skills will be tested in real-world field conditions. We avoid the classroom and place you, your mind, and your equipment in problem-solving scenarios so you can see where your capabilities really lie. Largely working on your own under the mentorship of our instructors you’ll be making your own calls, just like you would afield.

Date & Time
June 15, 2020
Start - 9:00 AM
June 19, 2020
End - 5:00 PM US/Mountain

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