Consuelo - Aoudad

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Continuing on with a student’s progression to master the art of long range hunting, this event is built around training and hunting Aoudad in West Texas. The area we hunt offers free range, low fence Aoudad (also known as Barbary Sheep) hunting in open and rough, but accessible desert terrain that often presents extended range shot opportunities. After we conclude a day of training, we follow up with a three day two on one guided hunt for trophy Aoudad.

This hunt experience includes advanced in-field training drills. The style of hunting, terrain, and good eyesight of sheep lend themselves well to long range hunting. Shooting drills allow participants to shoot on the ranch at various ranges from 400-1000 yards to verify data and build confidence in wind calls and their long range rifle systems.
Date & Time
October 5, 2021
Start - 9:00 AM
October 8, 2021
End - 5:00 PM US/Central

Consuelo Ranch

9 Mile South Highway 277
Sonora TX 76950
United States
--Consuelo Ranch--
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