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                  Introducing the BLR10b

                  Congratulations on your purchase of the Acura BLR10b Binocular Laser Rangefinder 10x42 with Ballistics! Your BLR10b combines an excellent binocular, with an integrated laser rangefinder, a weather station, and a powerful ballistic solver using our proprietary Revic Ballistic Engine.  

                  If you have loaded a ballistic profile from the Revic Ops app, when you press the FIRE button, on-board sensors measure distance, incline angle, barometric pressure, temperature, and compass bearing and send the data to the on-board ballistic solver to provide a fast firing solution. 

                  The BLR10b features Base Wind and Vector Wind modes for basic and advanced solutions configured to provide ultra-fast corrections displayed as a Shoot-To-Range in BDC, MOA or MILs at the measured distance.

                  The BLR10b uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Revic Ops app, Revic rifle scopes, or other peripheral devices, and uses the Revic targeting modes including Long Range Mode to measure distance in the toughest conditions.

                    What's in the Box

                  1. Binocular

                  2. Soft carrying case

                  3. Carry Strap

                  4. Lens Cleaning Cloth

                  5. CR2 Battery

                  6. Quick Start Guide


                  Product Identification

                  A. Diopter Focus
                       B. Image Focus
                       C. Eyecup
                       D. Display Focus
                       E. Battery Compartment
                       F. FIRE Button
                       G. MODE button
                       H. Tripod Attachment Point
                       I. Device Information Panel
                       J. UP Button
                       K. DOWN Button

                  Safety Warning

                  The Acura BLR10b is designed to meet FDA eye safety requirements and is classified as eye-safe to Class 1M limits, which means that virtually no hazard is associated with directly viewing the laser output under normal conditions. As with any laser device, however, reasonable precautions should be taken in its operation. 

                       Avoid staring into the transmit aperture while firing the laser. 
                      Do not look at high intensity light sources such as the sun through the BLR10b.
                      Only use a CR2 Battery as a power source for your Acura BLR10b.
                      Keep your Acura BLR10b out of reach of children.

                  Setting Up Your Binocular

                  Battery Installation

                  The battery compartment is located on the underside of the BLR10b. Lift the tab on the battery cover and unthread the cover. Install a CR2 battery with the positive terminal facing into the binocular. Caution: Take care not to cross thread the battery cover during re-installation.

                  Carry Strap Installation

                  The Binocular Carry Strap is routed through the attachment points on each side of the Binocular. To attach the carry strap:

                  1. Pass the strap webbing through the attachment point from the bottom.

                  2. Thread the strap through the buckle (under the 1st layer of the strap).

                  3. Adjust the strap to the desired length (ensuring the strap does not slide out of the buckle).

                  4. Pull the strap tight through the buckle to secure the strap.

                  Adjusting Eye Relief

                  The adjustable eyecups are designed for comfort and to set the correct eye relief. To adjust the eyecup up, increasing the eye-relief, turn it counter-clockwise. To return the eyepiece down, decreasing the eye-relief, turn it clockwise.

                  Adjusting Diopter

                  The two eyepiece diopter adjustment rings allow you to focus the OLED display and the viewable image for each eye independently. To adjust the focus: 

                  1. Cover the right objective lens with your left hand, press the fire button to turn on the display.  Turn the (right) Display Focus ring until the display is optimally focused to your right eye. 

                  2. Now cover the left objective lens with your left hand, look through the right barrel at a distant object, then adjust the (center) Image Focus knob until the image is optimally focused to your right eye. 

                  3. Now cover the right objective lens with your right hand, then turn the (left) Diopter Focus ring until the same object is optimally focused to your left eye. 

                  4. Confirm focus and repeat as needed

                  Menus and Navigation

                  Display Layout and Overview

                  The Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Display projects information into the field of view and provides the aiming reticle in the center of the display.

                  The Lower Segment of the display is used primarily for displaying the Range and the BDC “Shoot-To” Range, if enabled by the ballistic profile and displayed in alternating fashion.  It is also used in the Settings Menu and Quick Keys to display the values.  Ranges over 999.9 yards or meters will not display the decimal place, eg 1245 yards.  The selected range unit is displayed to the right.

                  The Upper Segment of the display is primarily used to show the calculated elevation and windage correction values from the ballistic solver in alternating fashion.  The Upper Segment is also used to input a wind direction in clock position, and the wind speed in the selected units.  When entering the Settings Menu or Quick Keys, the menu item is displayed here.

                  The diamond pattern of arrows to the left of the Upper Segment serves double duty by using combinations to indicate the direction of correction needed when displaying the elevation and windage correction.

                  Additional information is shown on the left of the display. This information includes an indicator when the LRM Target mode is selected, the BDC range icon, the battery level indicator and the Bluetooth icon.

                  Aiming Reticle and Beam Divergence

                  The Acura BLR10b beam divergence is approximately 1.5 x 0.06 milliradians (or 54 x 2 inches at 1000 yards), while the inside diameter of the aiming reticle measures approximately 1.5 milliradians (or 54 inches at 1000 yards).  

                                          7 Segment Alphabet

                                          When limited to 7 segments for each character, the alphabet is displayed in a combination of upper and lower case letters. The alphabet of the 7 segment display is shown below:


                                          The Acura BLR10b has a 4-button keypad located on the top panel of the binocular. The buttons provide easy access to the binocular functions, programming, and operating commands while using your BLR10b. The buttons can be configured for use in Left or Right hand dominant configurations. The Right Hand configuration layout is shown above (Left Hand configuration shown in [ ]). The default configuration is Right Hand.

                                          FIRE Button

                                          When off, Press and Hold to power on.  When on, Press to initiate a Range sequence, Press and Hold to enter Multi Measurement Mode.  When navigating the Settings Menu, this button saves selections and inputs, and is the return button.

                                          Menu Button

                                          When on, Press and Hold for 3 seconds to enter the Settings Menu. When navigating the Settings Menu, this button selects menu items for editing.

                                          Up Button

                                          Scroll up input or menu item.

                                          Down Button

                                          Scroll down input or menu item.

                                          Settings Menu


                                          Overview and Accessing

                                          The settings menu can be accessed with a long press (3+ seconds) of the MENU button. To scroll through the menu, use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons. To select, press the MENU button again. When a value is selected it will flash. To save the setting and return to the previous screen, press the FIRE button.

                                          Menu Items

                                          Temperature Override

                                          If the sensor temperature does not match the ambient temperature, you can manually override the sensor temperature value. To reset the temperature to automatically display the sensor temperature, press and hold the MENU button while the value is selected (flashing). The displayed temperature will update to the sensor temperature and stop flashing.

                                          Range Output Mode

                                          Select between Range only (RNG) or Ballistic Profile (Prof) if a Ballistic Profile has been loaded from the Revic App.  There is an option to Clear the Ballistic Profile by selecting (Clr).  With the limited display character, when Prof is selected, the profile name will display after 1.5 seconds.

                                          Range Unit

                                          Select from the following Unit options:

                                          • US/Y outputs (Y)ards for distance and (US) Customary Units for other units 

                                          • SI/Y outputs (Y)ards for distance and (SI) System International units for all other units

                                          • US/M outputs (M)eters for distance and (US) Customary Units for other units 

                                          • SI/M outputs (M)eters for distance and (SI) System International units for all other units

                                          Button Hand

                                          Select from Right Hand and Left Hand button configuration.


                                          Set the Latitude to an integer value between 90° S to 90° N. The default setting is 44° N. 

                                          Compass Calibration

                                          Frequent calibration of the compass will ensure the shooting vector used in the ballistic calculation and provided to the app is accurate. Navigate to the Calibration menu item and press MENU to start the calibration. During calibration, rotate the binocular on all axes in an infinity pattern until the unit reads “Pass.” This will take approximately 5-10 seconds.

                                          Bluetooth State

                                          When powered on, the Bluetooth radio is configured to be on and actively searching for a device to connect to. The Bluetooth icon will flash until connected to the Revic app. You can manually set the Bluetooth state to ON or OFF.

                                          Quick Keys

                                          Overview and Button Combinations

                                          Your BLR10b is equipped with Quick Keys to allow for efficient operation of high-use functions. The Quick Keys are combinations of the four available buttons, which are accessed from the main screen without the need to enter the Settings Menu.

                                          Targeting Mode

                                          Short press the MENU button until the desired Targeting Mode is displayed. Press the FIRE button to save the selection and return to the main screen.

                                          The Acura BLR10b offers Near, Far, Long Range Near, and Long Range Far Targeting Modes.

                                          Display Brightness

                                          Press and hold the MENU button, and within three seconds press the up or down arrow until the desired brightness setting is displayed.

                                          The Acura BLR10b offers 4 brightness levels brt1, brt2, brt3, brt4 and Auto, which will adjust the brightness based on the conditions.

                                          Wind Vector

                                          Press the UP or Down button until the number (clock position) reflects the direction the wind is coming from. The Wind Clock will adjust simultaneously. Then press MENU to advance to the speed input.  Press the UP or Down button to enter the wind speed. The Wind Clock indicator does not move. Press the FIRE button to save the selection and return to the main screen.

                                          Base Wind

                                          Once a manual wind vector is set the Base Wind setting can be reset with the Quick Key of UP+DOWN arrow buttons. The compass rose will show the left and right base wind directions indicating the base wind is reset. The base wind speed value will appear in the Upper Segment display. The base wind is set up in the Revic Ops App

                                          Measured Values Review

                                          To review all sensor data, and ballistic solution data (if applicable) for the last range collected press and hold the MENU button, and within three seconds press the FIRE button.  Use the UP or DOWN buttons to review. To return to the main screen press the FIRE button.


                                          Targeting Modes

                                          The Targeting Modes of the Acura BLR10b allow you to select or eliminate targets to take the most accurate measurements possible in various field conditions. Switch between the Targeting Modes through the Quick Key of short pressing the MENU button. Press the MENU button repeatedly until the desired mode is displayed.


                                          Near Target Mode

                                          The Near Targeting Mode allows for easy acquisition of small targets without inadvertently getting background targets that have stronger signal strength.

                                          Far Target Mode

                                          The Far Targeting Mode allows obstructions such as brush or fog to be ignored so that only background targets are acquired.

                                          Long Range Mode (LRM) Near Target Mode

                                          The Long Range Modes (LRM) increases the data collection cycle of the laser sensor to improve the target signal and successful ranging at long distances (distances over 1000 yards).  Combined with the Near function, the device returns ranges on the nearest target, ignoring the signal from further objects.

                                          Long Range Mode (LRM) Far Target Mode

                                          The Long Range Modes (LRM) increases the data collection cycle of the laser sensor to improve the target signal and successful ranging at long distances.  Combined with the Far function, the device returns ranges on the farthest target, ignoring the signal from obstructions.

                                          Power States and Timing

                                          The Acura BLR10b has three power states, ON, SLEEP and OFF.  If no button presses are detected after 20 seconds, the BLR10b will enter SLEEP mode to conserve battery power. The BLR10b will power OFF automatically after 60 seconds in SLEEP mode. If a Bluetooth connection was established, power OFF will occur automatically 5 minutes from the last button press. To prevent inadvertent battery consumption, if any button is held down for more than 10 seconds (without acquiring a range) the BLR10b will automatically power OFF.

                                          These settings are maintained during the SLEEP state, but reset once the BLR10b powers OFF:

                                          • Manual Wind Vector

                                          • Temperature Override

                                          • Measured Values Data 

                                          • Bluetooth Connection

                                          Installing and Using the Revic Ops App

                                          Install the Revic App

                                          Your BLR10b calculates a ballistic solution based on a specific ballistic profile. Profiles are created and stored on the Revic Ops App and synced to the BLR10b through bluetooth communication.

                                          Download the Revic app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store,, or simply take a picture of the QR code and you will be taken directly to the app store

                                          Creating a ballistic profile

                                          With the Revic app installed ballistic profiles can be created to sync with the Acura BLR10b. Use the Profile Module within the app to program the ballistic profile of your rifle. The Creating A Ballistic Profile video details how to create ballistic profiles.

                                          Connect devices

                                          To connect the BLR10b to the Revic app, navigate to the sync module in the app then power on the binocular.  In the Revic app, the available devices will be shown in the Sync Module. Select your BLR10b Device ID number from the list by tapping the grey connection signal icon next to the device name.  Once the device is connected via bluetooth, the bluetooth icon in the BLR10b will remain solid, and the signal icon in the app will be illuminated.

                                          Sync a Profile

                                          The Acura BLR10b will provide the ballistic solution for a specific ballistic profile in the rangefinding binocular display once the profile is synced to the BLR10b. To sync a profile, select your desired rifle’s profile listed in the Sync Module of the Revic app by tapping the sync icon next to the profile name. Next, press the Sync button to transmit your desired profile to the connected BLR10b device. The app will confirm the selected profile has been successfully synced to the binocular. 

                                          To confirm which profile is loaded into the BLR10b, navigate to MENU>MODE>PROF. The profile name will be displayed scrolling on the Lower Segment display in up to 8 characters.

                                          Bonus Function: Transmitted Shot Vector Data

                                          With a Bluetooth connection established between the Revic App and the Acura BLR10b, shot vector data can be transmitted to the app. To display the shot vector data, navigate to the Ballistic Calculator Module in the app. The laser icon will be displayed in the range window of the Ballistic Calculator Module indicating the app is ready to receive the shot vector data.  When a range is acquired by the BLR10b the range distance, azimuth direction, and shot angle will be transmitted and displayed in the Ballistic Calculator Module. 

                                          Ranging a Target

                                          The steps and behavior of ranging a target is the same for either Range Only or Profile ranging mode settings, however, the Main Screen will have more or less information respectively.

                                          Press and hold the FIRE button to initiate power on.  From the Main Display, the FIRE button can initiate three methods for ranging - Single Measurement Mode (SMM), Multi Measurement Mode (MMM), and Long Range Mode (LRM). 

                                          Single Measurement Mode

                                          With Target Mode set to Near or Far, a short press and release of the FIRE button will initiate a Single Measurement Mode sequence.  The indication of SMM is a bar animation in the Lower Segment from left to right.  For many conditions and targets, a range can be acquired in SMM.

                                          Multi Measurement Mode 

                                          To enter Multi Measurement Mode, press and hold the FIRE button.  Initially, the SMM bar animation is displayed, but after the 1st range is acquired, the device switches to MMM and a flashing Aiming Circle is the correlative indicator.  As you scan different targets, ranges will display accordingly.  When you are confident in the range, releasing the FIRE button to accept that range and initiate the ballistic routine.  MMM functions for up to 10 seconds.

                                          Long Range Mode

                                          Long Range Mode is enabled by changing the Targeting Mode to either LRM Near or LRM Far.  Then a short or long press and release of the FIRE button will initiate a LRM measurement sequence.  The indication of LRM is a bar animation in the Lower Segment from left to right, followed immediately by the flashing Aiming Circle.  In LRM, the device is collecting and combining multiple batches of targeting data to detect targets in difficult or long range conditions.

                                          Tripod Mounting

                                          Ranging performance is improved by stabilizing the BLR10b with the tripod mounting feature. The attachment point is located on the objective side of the main body of the binoculars. Unscrew the Revic logo cap to expose the ¼-20 attachment threads. The binoculars can be attached to the Revic tripod adapter with the attachment point.

                                          Ballistic Solutions

                                          Ballistic solutions are enabled when the device ranging mode is set to profile.  

                                          Base Wind Mode

                                          The Acura BLR10b offers ballistic solution options suitable for various hunting scenarios using our unique Base Wind Mode and Vector Wind Mode.  

                                          The Base Wind Mode is intended to assist real hunting scenarios under a half mile, where shot execution time is a key factor in successful outcomes.  The base wind value is part of a ballistic profile on the Revic Ops app.  In the BLR10b, the default wind solution relies on the base wind value to calculate a full value wind hold from either the three or nine o’clock direction relative to the target.  This method does not require any wind inputs, but only calculates the direction independent wind correction for the base wind speed.  If another wind speed is present, simply scale the base wind to suit.  Because the wind solution is bi-directional, other calculations that require specific directional inputs or combined output values must be disregarded. Generally when the Base Wind Method is used, advanced calculations are not required. The calculations which are not considered using the Base Wind Mode are:

                                                  Aerodynamic Jump
                                                  Spin Drift
                                                  Coriolis (Note: the azimuth dependent vertical effect, Eovtos, IS included)

                                          For example, consider a scenario where the base wind value is five mph and the wind condition is determined to be a left to right wind at 10 mph.  The range is 500 yards and the elevation correction is 8.2 MOA.  The wind correction displayed is 0.8 MOA (for the 5 mph base wind speed), simply scale the value:  10 / 5 is 2 so 2 X 0.8 is 1.6 MOA wind hold to the left.

                                          Base Wind is set at the Profile level synced from the Revic Ops app.  9 o'clock and 3 o'clock wind directions are shown on the Wind Clock in the display. The base wind speed is shown in the Upper Segment display.

                                          The resulting wind solution is shown in the Upper Segment display, and the Wind Clock indicates both a left and right wind direction indicating the solution can be used for a wind from either direction.

                                          If a manual vector wind was input into the BLR10b the Base Wind can be reset to the profile value by using the Quick Key.   

                                          Vector Wind Method

                                          Many advanced ballistic calculations have wind and elevation corrections that are directionally dependent. For example, spin drift is always the same direction as the barrel twist.  To add spin drift to the wind deflection, the wind direction must be identified.  Elevation and windage corrections for aerodynamic jump face a similar requirement.  In scenarios where advanced corrections are required, we enable the Vector Wind Method by entering a wind direction and the wind speed.  The direction entered is the target relative clock direction of wind origin.  

                                          Enter a wind vector using the method outlined in Quick Keys.

                                          The resulting wind solution is shown in the Upper Segment display, and the Wind Clock indicates the direction of the wind adjustment.

                                          Elevation Adjustment

                                          The ballistic elevation adjustment solution is calculated for each range acquired while the device ranging mode is set to profile. The elevation adjustment is displayed in the Upper Segment and the Wind Clock displays the vertical direction of the adjustment.


                                          Ballistics with Shoot To Range Enabled

                                          The Shoot to Range or Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) is enabled in the Ballistic Profile of the Revic app. With the profile synced, the BLR10b will display the BDC solution as well as the line of sight range and the ballistic elevation and windage corrections. The shoot to range or BDC is displayed in the Lower Segment (when the BDC icon is shown on the left), alternating with the range distance.A Back Mask Liquid Crystal Display (BMLCD) is mounted within the optical system and projects information into the field of view using a beamsplitter.  

                                          To enable the shoot to range in the Revic app toggle the Ballistic Turret option on in the Ballistic Profile.

                                          Ballistic Solution Temperature Sensitivity

                                          The ballistic solution is dependent on the environment conditions. The BLR10b is equipped with on board sensors to measure the pressure and temperature each time a range is acquired. There will be a response time (typically between 2°F- 4°F per minute) while the unit reaches ambient temperature if your binocular has been warmed by your body or vehicle climate. Allow time for the device to acclimate to the environmental temperature, or manually adjust the binocular temperature with the temperature override as described in the Settings Menu section of this manual.


                                          Care and Maintenance

                                          Low Battery Warning

                                          The BLR10b monitors the  battery voltage. The battery power indicator is located on the left side of the display. When the battery indicator reaches one bar, we suggest you replace the battery as soon as possible.
                                          Although the unit still operates, it is recommended that you install a new battery before making changes to a profile or going on a hunt.
                                          When the voltage drops below one bar, the system operation is locked and then powers off. You must replace the battery to return to normal system operation. The synced profile will be saved. 

                                          Firmware Update

                                          Periodically updated firmware may be available for your Acura BLR10b. The latest device firmware is available through the Revic Ops App. To check if your BLR10b is loaded with the latest firmware connect your Binocular to the app. From the main screen navigate to the settings menu (tap the 3 horizontal bars, or swipe the left side of the screen). Select Device Firmware, and tap Check for Update on the Binoculars. The app will indicate if updated firmware is available and will prompt as needed to install the firmware. 


                                          Clean the BLR10b after each use, before returning it to its carrying case. Check all of the following items:
                                          • Moisture: If the unit is exposed to excess moisture, towel off excess moisture and air dry the binocular at room temperature.
                                          • Exterior dirt. Wipe exterior surfaces clean to prevent grit buildup in the carrying case. Isopropanol may be used to remove dirt and fingerprints from the exterior.
                                          • Ocular and Objective lenses: Cleaning the lenses after each use is suggested. Use an optical air blower to remove particles like dust or dirt. Use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth (such as the cloth provided) to remove fingerprints, smudges or oil from the lenses. Failure to keep the lenses clean may cause damage.

                                          Dust and Water Protection

                                          The BLR10b is IPX7 rated, which means it is sealed to provide protection from dust and rain, but will not withstand prolonged submersion (beyond 1-meter submersion up to 30 minutes). 


                                          When transporting the BLR10b, the unit should be secured in the provided carrying case. The eyepiece cover should be in place whenever the BLR10b is not in use.


                                          If you won’t be using the BLR10b again soon, remove the battery before storing the instrument. The storage temperature should be stored between  -20°F to 162°F (-29°C to 72°C ).


                                          FCC Statement

                                          Supplier's Declaration of Conformity 

                                          47 CFR § 2.1077 Compliance Information 

                                          Unique Identifier: AY-R-E1101
                                          Gunwerks LLC
                                          201 Blackburn St Cody Wy, 82414
                                          T: (307) 296-7301 

                                          FCC Compliance Statement (e.g., products subject to Part 15) This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. 

                                          Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void your authority to operate the equipment.


                                          This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. 

                                          This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

                                          - Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

                                          - Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.

                                          - Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

                                          - Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

                                          Industry Canada Notice

                                          This device contains license-exempt transmitter(s)/receiver(s) that comply with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s license-exempt RSS(s). Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

                                          This device may not cause interference.

                                          This device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device.

                                          Le présent appareil est conforme aux CNR d’industrie Canada applicable aux appareil radio exempts de licence.

                                          L'exploitation Est Autorisée aux deux conditions suivantes:

                                          l’appareil ne doit pas produire de brouillage, et

                                          L'utilisateur de l'appareil doit accepter tout brouillage radioélectrique subi, même si le brouillage est susceptible d'en compromettre le fonctionnement.

                                          This device meets the exemption from the routine evaluation limits in sections 2.5 of RSS 102 and compliance with RSS-102 RF exposure, users can obtain Canadian information on RF exposure and compliance.


                                          This product can expose you to chemical including Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm, and Diisononyl Phthalate (DINP), which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

                                          Warranty and Legal

                                          Revic Optics, a subsidiary of Gunwerks LLC, warranties the mechanical and optical parts of their products to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of five (5) years, and the electronic parts for a period of two(2) years from the date of purchase.

                                          After the manufacturer's warranty period, Revic Optics at its sole discretion will cover the costs of labor and/or materials of repairs  for mechanical and optical parts for an additional period of five (5) years, and for electronic parts for a period of three (3) years on a goodwill repair basis There is no legal entitlement to goodwill repairs. 

                                          During the warranty period, if the product is found to have a defect in material or workmanship,  Revic Optics will, at its option and without charge for labor and materials, repair or replace the  defective parts or the product. If the product is no longer available, Revic Optics reserves the  right to replace the product with an equivalent product offered for sale at the time of the repair.

                                          This limited warranty does not cover failures resulting from abuse, negligence, or unauthorized  alterations, modifications or repairs. Wear parts such as rubber armoring, eyecups, carrying  straps or cases and direct or indirect damages caused by defects in the product are not covered  by the warranty.

                                          This warranty is only valid with proof of purchase or warranty repair documentation from Revic  Optics (RMA). Return shipping will be provided for warranty repairs. If the product is shipped  abroad any duties or taxes incurred must be paid by the customer. Products without a proof of  purchase will be repaired at the customer’s expense.

                                          If other warranties or guarantees (either statutory or voluntary) are agreed to in other countries  they must be fulfilled by the agreeing parties. This warranty is granted by Revic Optics a  subsidiary of Gunwerks LLC. The place of jurisdiction is Park County, Wyoming USA.


                                          To complete the warranty registration process for your product, please visit

                                          Should you require assistance or service, please submit a support request to or call (307) 296-7300

                                          Copyright (c) [202]3 Gunwerks, LLC. All Rights Reserved 

                                          Information in this document is subject to change without notice. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or information storage and retrieval systems, for any purpose other than the purchaser’s personal use, without express written consent.

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