Gunwerks Long Range Experience - NRL Match

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Match Overview 

Gunwerks Long Range Experience

Gunwerks hosts the National Rifle League competition of 120 shooters to bridge the gap between precision rifle competition and long range hunting application. Precision rifle competitors will be able to see and test the Gunwerks products of 2020 as well as the training venues for Long Range University.


We set out to design an entire experience, rather than just a match. This match will consist of two styles of shooting. Day one will be a 10 stage square by style event held at our Cody Shooting Complex which features a face paced, moving targets, multiple target engagement and a positional heavy shooting environment. Course of fire will be designed around being able to shoot it with 1 bag and 1 bipod. Tripods can be used, but must be deployed on the clock. Day two will be conducted at a neighboring field venue which we go to the practical and traditional roots of long range hunting. The day 2 course of fire will be designed around realistic hunting scenarios that hunters may or have found themselves in the field. Be expected to obtain ranges to your target on the clock, utilize your tripod in terrain that does not allow you to shoot prone, and exercise your target acquisition skills. Weather in late April in Cody is hit or miss. One year it’s been 70 degrees, clear skies and dry and one year it’s been sub 40 degrees and snowing or raining. Make sure you pack accordingly! For our 2019 match, we had to call off day 2 because of the weather and most shooters were not prepared for what mother nature had in store for us!

Date & Time
April 22, 2020
Start - 8:00 AM
April 26, 2020
End - 8:00 PM US/Mountain

Cody Shooting Complex

PO Box 1504
Cody WY 82414
United States
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