It’s simple—we’ve engineered a business model that focuses on the exceptional. The system delivers revolutionary products and lower prices. But that’s not the only reason. Here are a few more:

High End Systems
After years of the same hum-drum products from U.S. optics brands, we decided it was time for something new—new technology, new pricing models, new transparency, and new information. The traditional distribution model for selling optics is dead. We are ready to lead a revolution. Are you ready for Revic?

True Innovation
Unfortunately, most of the “innovation” that you find in the sporting optics industry is just clever re-branding of the same mass-produced, cut-rate product that the next guy is selling. That isn’t how Revic works. Direct-to-consumer allows us to spend more on our products and sell them for less. If it works better, it becomes part of our product regardless of cost — no compromises.

Performance Without Limits
Selling products directly to the consumer frees us from the shackles of margin. Margin for the dealer, the distributor, or the agency representative. Because we don’t have to build margin into our prices, we can spend significantly more on innovating new technology, sourcing the best components and materials, and building the best product possible.

Quality Assurance
In the world of optics, our focus is what we can see. Much of the industry’s marketing efforts center on glass quality which, at best, is hard to define. For a riflescope, optical quality may not be the most important metric of performance. Our company is founded on the principle of transparency. We will provide you with information about the important metrics of quality and how we test our products to ensure you get what you pay for.

When you peel back the layers of the traditional distribution model, you’ll find a handful of companies at the source of today’s exceptional optics products. These companies exhibit excellence in manufacturing and design capability. For a decade, our team has nurtured relationships with these companies to prepare for the launch of Revic!

Customer-Driven Design
We’re not marketing executives—we’re shooters and hunters. In our pursuits, we need the best gear we can buy. When we set out to build a product, our designs are driven by need. Let the other guys focus on margins and marketing—our goal is to build the best sporting optics products for you, our customer. Of course, we get to use them, too!

By focusing on creating the best products possible, rather than margins and marketing, we can build the products best for you, our customer.