In a traditional retail distribution model, the manufacturer sells products to a few distributors or, in some cases, directly to the dealer. The dealer then interacts with the customer and transacts the final sale. Historically, that dealer was needed to sell sport optics because the consumer lacked knowledge of available products and true measures of quality. Today, you can shop every available product, and research much of the information needed to judge quality and performance online, in the comfort of your own home. The technical information is readily available and customer reviews lend insight into the product from the eyes of consumers like us.

From our perspective, Revic needs to make a certain amount of profit margin on each product to pay for the cost of doing business and, more importantly, to fund new research and development projects. Technically, we’ll get that margin selling to a dealer or directly to a customer. Our bottom line won’t be adversely affected either way. So why the big push to set Revic up with a consumer-direct distribution model?

First, our products are packed with sophisticated, expensive technology. In fact, the costs are much higher than traditional sport optics. Unfortunately, if we tried to apply the traditional distribution models to the product, they would simply be too expensive for most consumers. This isn’t a knock on distribution—it works well for most companies and products—but Revic is different.

However, our primary reason for selling direct has less to do with money than it does with our passion to drive the technology forward. Revic’s success will be defined by our customers. The direct communication channel between our company and the end user is the secret to Revic’s unstoppable business model. With a direct connection, we will have a better understanding what the customer—the guy who’s spending his hard-earned cash on his passion for shooting—really wants right now. We’ll also hear about what he hopes to see in the future. We’ll know about problems with our products immediately and we’ll be able to streamline the solutions. In other words, the direct connection to the customer molds Revic into the company that our customers want us to be—building the products that they, in a sense, have designed themselves.