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PMR 428 Smart Rifle Scope

Distance adds variables. When you’re shooting at a target that’s more than a mile away, obtaining a targeting solution becomes extremely complex. The best way to ensure a satisfying hit is to simplify the process, and that’s exactly what the PMR 428 does. The PMR is a whole new way of looking at long-range shooting. When you dial the turret, it calculates the bullet trajectory utilizing a full suite of sensors and an advanced ballistic algorithm–and it calculates the solution in real time. Just dial the elevation turret until the display shows the target range. It’s as simple as that!



Product Features

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Specs of Revic's new smart scope

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Spotlight Features

User Defined Settings
  • Timeout in 5min Increments
  • Illuminated Reticle Color
  • Illuminated Reticle Intensity
  • Display Intensity
  • Sensor Temperature Override
  • Latitude
  • Nominal Wind Speed
  • Wind Vector
  • Coriolis On/Off
  • Zero Range & Offset
  • Muzzle Velocity & Ballistic Coefficient
Ballistic Calculations
  • Vertical Drop
  • Directional Wind
  • Spin Drift
  • Coriolis
  • Aerodynamic Jump
Ballistic App Inputs
  • Sight Height
  • Mount Angle
  • Barrel Twist and Direction
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1, G7, CDM)
  • Bullet Weight
  • Bullet Length
  • Caliber
  • Zero Range
  • Compass
  • Incline
  • Cant
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Absolute Positional Rotary Encoder

Our Story

It’s taken almost five years from concept to completion, but it’s finally here. The Revic PMR will revolutionize the way that scopes are designed and developed. It will bring about much-needed change in the sporting optics industry. Most importantly, it will help turn the everyday enthusiast’s once-in-a-lifetime shot into a defining moment, rather than a missed opportunity.

We didn’t re-invent the wheel. We already had some of the highest-quality optics in the industry, and we didn’t want to change the scope’s basic user interface. The turrets still function mechanically, and they still perform the same functions in the same way as any other high-end long-range scope. The difference is that this scope performs its own ballistic calculations.  You simply dial the elevation turret until the target range is displayed in the digital display.

Of course, the PMR doesn’t know everything. User inputs include bullet information, range, and wind speed and direction. With this information, the PMR tells you exactly how to cope with bullet drop, wind deflection, spin drift, coriolis, and aerodynamic jump in the field. The PMR’s array of sensors make it smarter than any other scope on the market. That means you can get down to the business of shooting—the business of experiencing the outdoor adventure that you’ve planned—with the greatest accuracy and the fewest distractions possible.


Not Afraid to Compare

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The values shown in this chart are a combination of published specifications and test results measured by an independent laboratory.


Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 18 x 5 x 5 in

6 reviews for PMR 428 Smart Rifle Scope

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rudolf Frank

    Dear sirs, i am the owner from the store http://www.waffenzubehoer.at – i want to ask you if you can deliver also your products to austria/europe too? I am very interested in it and the market will be big and good! Brgds Frank

    • Aaron

      We can definitely ship internationally. Some countries in EU require an export license.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Jason nogin

    Questions, first or secondfocal plane, mils or moa retinal, tube size and magnification range?

    • Aaron

      The PMR428 is a First Focal Plane rifle scope design. We will release the first model with MOA adjustments and reticle. There are several reticles and Mil adjustments planned. The PMR428 has a 34mm tube diameter and a 4.5-27 magnification range.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rodney Hood

    This is not a review it is a request! I shoot in F-class competition. F-open and F-T/R. I have 2 Nightforce scopes now. Looking to uPgrade my 5x25x56 ATACR. Do u no if this scope is legal to shoot in either of these classes?

    • Aaron

      We did not develop this product for those competitions specifically, you will want to consult with the governing body for rules and definitions.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chenming Zhao

    Really looking forward to this product.
    Just when will the mil/mil-meter version come out?
    I believe most long range precision shooters would use mil/mil and read distance in meter.

    • Aaron

      Should be early 2019.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robbie Paul Mitchell

    Hi I’m looking for a rifle scope in the thousand dollar range what will I get for that I want to be able to see about a mile away can this be done at that price range I am new at the long distance shooting

    • Aaron

      Watch for our 2019 new products!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    Can this handle .338 Laupa and .50BMG?

    • Aaron

      Yes. Consider it as capable as any scope on the market.

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