Introducing Revic Optics

April 25, 2017

Cody, WY – April 25, 2017 – A new and game-changing optics company has now hit the market in Revic Optics out of Cody, Wyoming. The name already spells out what this new brand is about: revolutionizing the optics industry.

Revic Optics cuts out the layers of the “traditional” optics industry by going directly to the consumer. Eliminating the need for retailers, distributors, etc. Revic is able to invest more money and time into developing the absolute best products for today’s customer. Consumers no longer need to pay the margins found in the traditional sales distribution channels, which drives up the retail price.

“Developing products without price targets means that we don’t have limits on what we can bring to market,” says Aaron Davidson, CEO of Revic Optics.

Revic Optics is built on the core belief of not compromising quality and being transparent in the process. Partnering with the best suppliers, they produce the best products, with the best features, from the highest-quality materials for the lowest price possible.

The team at Revic Optics is made up of shooters and hunters, not just brand executives. They know what customers need and want in an optic, since they themselves are the customers.