What does Revic have to do with Gunwerks?

Revic, LLC. was spun out of Gunwerks, LLC. in January 2016. They are separate companies with different mission statements, products and employees. There’s one thing they do have in common--they make awesome products!

Why is Revic selling primarily consumer direct?

Revic is developing very sophisticated optomechanical and electrical systems. Traditional two-step distribution arrangements typically increase retail prices. The same scope with comparable optic, mechanical and electrical quality would have double the price tag in the traditional retail channels most of us are used do. With normal scopes the cost is so low that it works, but with our high-tech products, the cost is much higher. We sell direct to keep the cost reasonable on our revolutionary products.

Can I buy Revic products from my local dealer?

Our primary sales channel is direct on our website. We do have a few prime retail and reseller partners as well.

Where are Revic products made?

Revic meticulously designs and engineers its products. We then seek out the best-in-class manufacturers and suppliers to OEM our product designs. We work with multiple vendors to build world class systems. We control the design and quality specifications and the rigorous testing that is performed in our USA facility located in Cody, Wyoming.

What does Revic stand for?

Revolutionary Optics. We believe our products and selling model will change the industry forever!

What is Revic's warranty policy?

We offer a no questions asked, lifetime warranty on optics and mechanics. Electronics are covered by a 5-year warranty. See our warranty page for more information specific to your product.

What products are coming next?

Sign up at revicoptics.com to receive product updates and offers. You can also watch our research page for new product announcements and releases. We will post development stories and progress in a traditional weblog format. We also appreciate your feedback - what products or improvements do you want to see?


Our ballistics engine can account for the following parameters:  

Input Variables

  1. Ballistic Coefficient
  2. Custom Drag Model or Doppler Radar File
  3. Muzzle Velocity
  4. Barrel Twist Rate and Direction
  5. Bullet Weight Caliber and Length
  6. Sight Height and Mount Angle
  7. Zero Range
  Ballistic Calculations
  1. Gravity Drop
  2. Wind Deflection
  3. Spin Drift
  4. Coriolis
  5. Aerodynamic Jump
  6. Headwind/Tail Wind
  7. Eovtos Effect

What ballistics engine is used by Revic?

We use our own proprietary Modified Point Mass (MPM) ballistics engine. This has been developed from Robert McCoy’s foundational work, then tested and proven with modern Doppler Radar testing.

How do I return my Revic Product for warranty or service?

Visit the customer support page and fill out the quick questionaire, a packing slip and shipping label will be generated for 2-day shipment.

Can I ship my order overnight?

Revic only offers one shipping option - 2nd Day Air via UPS. All Revic optics ship free via this method.

What is the optical quality of the glass comparable to?

Everything in optics is a trade-off. Optical performance can be affected by optical system length, number of glass elements, lens coatings and mechanical features. So it is a balancing act to optimize the right things and not go overboard on attributes that don’t necessarily add proportionate value to the product. We believe that we achieved nearly perfect harmony with the PMR 428. As you can see in this comparison matrix, our product stacks up firmly against the most premium products which in some cases, share the same supply chain as Revic.

How do I get my name on the list to get one?

Use the product checkout options to backorder a product. You will have the option to make a nominal deposit. Fulfillment will be in the order of first on the list gets first shipment, with deposit orders having shipping priority.

What is the current lead time on delivery for the Revic PMR 428?

The first production run of PMR 428 riflescopes is expected to ship in October.

What is the product warranty?

We offer a no questions asked, lifetime warranty on optics and mechanics. Electronics are covered by a 5-year warranty. See our warranty page for more information specific to your product. Returns for full refund accepted within 30 days of receipt provided that the product is in original condition and in original packaging. After 30 days, any return requests must be made by telephone to our team. Revic Optics guarantees the product against any manufacturing defects.

How far can ballistics be calculated?

The ballistics solver will calculate as far as the turret can adjust. We suggest using a canted (such as a 20 MOA) base to maximize vertical adjustment range. If you are shooting into the transonic and subsonic range of the projectile, we recommend using a custom drag model to accurately predict your ballistic solution.

Does the scope have illumination?

Yes. Seven colors and nine intensities are user selectable!

Do you have Mrad based turrets and reticle options?

The the initial release of the Revic PMR 428 is available with MOA based adjustments only. Mrad will be offered soon. We are soliciting requirements for the Mrad based reticle.

What scope colors are available?

The Revic PMR 428 is offered in Tungsten finish at the moment.

How does the scope adjust for wind?

Once the user enters the wind speed and direction, the scope calculates the solution and the spin drift and reports it to the main display. The user can dial or hold the wind correction accordingly.

Does the scope measure wind?

No. But it will calculate wind holds based on your determined wind values. The user is still responsible for accurate wind estimation via external wind meter, or other estimation methods.

Does the scope have a zero stop?

Yes. We have a patent pending zero stop feature.

Does the scope need the app to calculate ballistics?

No. Once you have synced your ballistic parameters from your app to the scope, the scope can perform a calculation with its own processor and ballistic algorithm.

How does the scope handle errors from canting the rifle?

The PMR display has a built in digital cant indicator to assist in leveling the rifle before the shot. It appears as a digital readout resembling a typical bubble level. The ballistic calculations do not use the cant angle. It is assumed that the bubble will be utilized to level the scope.

Does the scope correct for azimuth (compass heading)?

Yes. The scope has a built in compass and samples the heading for each ballistic calculation.

Does the scope correct for incline?

Yes. The onboard sensor is sampled when calculating the full ballistic solution. The scope does not use a “cosine” correction or “riflemans rule”. The full ballistic algorithm properly accounts for all variables including the super elevation angle.

How long does it take for the pressure sensor to acclimate?

The pressure sensor has essentially zero delay for acclimation.

Does the scope measure air pressure?

Yes. The sensor is located on the main computer board. A Gore-Tex(R) membrane allows air pressure equalization.

What should I do if the ambient temperature and the scope temperature are different?

You have two options. You can wait for the scope temperature to acclimate, or you can use the temperature override setting in the scope menu to manually set the temperature.

How long does it take for the temperature sensor to acclimate?

When the scope and ambient temperatures are different, the scope reaches ambient temperature at the rate of approximately one degree per minute. This is a very rough rule of thumb, as Newton’s Law of Cooling tells us the relationship isn’t linear. However, as the rate of scope temperature change begins to slow because the temperature differential is small, we realize that our shooting performance will not be adversely affected by the small temperature difference. If the shooting scenario requires an exact number immediately, you can enter in the ambient temperature through the quick menu to override the sensor.

Does the scope measure temperature?

Yes. The sensor is located on the main computer board.

Does the scope have a laser rangefinder built in?

No. Use the scope with any standard rangefinder (use line of sight distance without any angle correction), then dial the scope until the target range is displayed. All ballistic corrections are accomplished in real time on the rifle scope.

Does the scope keep track of the turret position when the power is off?

Yes. The elevation turret houses a multi-revolution absolute position encoder that will identify your exact adjustment as soon as you power on the device. Even if the turret is rotated when powered-off, the new position is measured immediately when powered-on.

Is data (eg, profiles, settings, encoder position) lost when replacing battery?

No. Everything is stored in memory and will be available when power is restored.

What happens when the battery dies?

The scope will continue to function just like any other common rifle scope. All the adjustments and systems function normally other than the electronic outputs and view. You will need to calculate a ballistic solution on a separate device.

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