A New Approach

Revic is not the first consumer direct company, but we are the first optics company to have a compelling reason to sell direct. All the big companies are interested in integrating technology products into sports optics, just look at the massive amount of patents they are prosecuting. Why don’t we see more tech integrated optics on the market to match up with the patents that they’ve filed? The answer is either they can’t make it, or they can’t make it affordable enough to sell through the traditional two-step distribution channel. Our technology products are expensive to produce, and they are really expensive to develop. The only way to get to the market at a reasonable price is to bypass distribution and sell directly to you, the customer.

Why do we need technology?

Technology expands our capabilities. It reduces training time. It enables us to focus on truly tough problems. In some cases, it allows us to compete more effectively. As technology advances, we get glimpses of the greatness the future holds. It’s exciting!

The Revic Project started coming together late in 2013. The goal was to create a high-end riflescope that combined the intuitive user experience of the Ballistic Turret with the accuracy of real-time environmental sampling and ballistic calculations. To be a success, the project needed to have a display, a position encoder for the elevation turret, a big battery, a ballistic computer AND people with experience manufacturing world-class optical systems.

The solution was adding more technology experts to the Revic team. We recruited and added rockstar scientists and engineers for several positions including Systems Architect, Electrical Engineer, Firmware and Software Computer Scientists, Physicist, Optical Engineer, Industrial Designer, Optomechanical Designer, and Ballistic Scientist. Having a team capable of engineering and implementing anything is exciting! The list of projects Revic is planning on developing and bringing to market seems endless!

Okay. Maybe we don’t NEED technology, but solving the challenges with elegant implementation, is what drives us. It’s our passion!

We will Revolutionize the Optics Industry!




SEE OUR FIRST PRODUCT: We are excited to kick off Revic with a revolutionary scope. The PMR is a whole new way of looking at long-range hunting. It calculates trajectory, angle, air density (both pressure and temperature)—and it calculates all these variables in real time. See it here.